6th IEEE Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications CogInfoCom 2015 Győr, Hungary 19-21 October, 2015
Tracks & Sessions

Those who would like to propose a track (one track includes minimum 3 sessions - and one session includes 4 presentations) in order to introduce the new scientific results of their fields or large scale international projects are warmly welcome.

Already registered Tracks:

  1. CogInfoCom aided engineering, Organizer: Gábor Sziebig, NUC
  2. Accessibility of CogInfoCom Systems, Organizer: Zdenek Mikovec, CVUT
  3. Invited keynote lecture by Zdenek Mikovec
  4. Cognitive Factors in Transport Planning, Organizer: Csaba Koren, SZE
  5. Session I: Cognitive Factors in Road Design - I, Organizer: Attila Borsos, SZE
    Invited keynote lecture by Attila Borsos
    Session II: Cognitive Factors in Road Design - II, Organizer: Emese Makó, SZE
    Session III: Transport Related Decision Making, Organizer: Balázs Horváth, SZE
    Invited keynote lecture by Balázs Horváth
  6. Socio-Cognitive ICT, Organizer: Hassan Charaf, BME
  7. NeuroCogSpace Project, Organizers: Károly Hercegfi (BME), Ferenc Honbolygó (MTA TTK), Péter Galambos (MTA SZTAKI)
  8. The HuComTech project: Formal approaches to the study of human behaviour, Organisers: László Hunyadi and Tamás Váradi
Already registered Sessions:

  1. Cognitive acausal representations, Organizer: Péter Várlaki, SZE
  2. Customizable Cognitive Content Management, Organizers: András Hajdu, Marianna Zichar, DE
  3. Special session on Mathability, Organizer: Attila Gilányi, DE
  4. Digital Era for Leadersip and Management Communication, Organizer: Patrick Waldbuesser, SZE
  5. Multimodal information exchange, Organizer: Costanza Navarretta, Thomas Ousterhout, University of Copenhagen
  6. Speechability, Organizer: Helen Meng, Chinese University of Hong Kong
To initiate a new session or track, please send an e-mail with the proposed topic to us at coginfocom2015@sztaki.mta.hu. If you have a date preference for the presentations, you may also indicate it in your e-mail and the organizers will try to consider it during the scheduling of the event.

Should you have any further queries, please contact us.

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