5th Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications CogInfoCom 2014 Vietri sul Mare, Italy 5-7 November, 2014
Tracks & Sessions
Those who would like to propose a track (one track includes minimum 3 sessions - and one session includes 4 presentations) in order to introduce the new scientific results of their fields or large scale international projects are warmly welcome.

Already registered Tracks:

  1. Customizable Management of Cognitive Content – FIRST Project, Organizers: András Hajdu, (DE)
  2. Multimodal Communicative Signals: Behavioural and Algorithmic Issues - LangTERRA project, Organizers: Anna Esposito (UNINA2/IIASS), Maria Koutsombogera (ILSP), Harris Papageorgiou (ILSP), Gennaro Cordasco (UNINA2/IIASS), Klára Vicsi (BME TMIT)
  3. Speech and Multimodal Interactions, Organizers: Helen Meng (CUHK), Nick Campbell (TCD), Géza Németh (BME)
  4. CogInfoCom Aided Engineering, Organizers: Wei Deng Solvang (NUC)
  5. Socio-Cognitive ICT, Organizers: Hassan Charaf (BME AUT)
  6. NeuroCogSpace Project, Organizers: Károly Hercegfi (BME), Ferenc Honbolygó (MTA TTK), Péter Galambos (MTA SZTAKI)
Already registered Sessions:

  1. Theory and Applications of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and Related Models, Organizers: László T. Kóczy, (SZE, Hungary)
  2. Scope:
    In the recent years Fuzzy Cognitive Maps proved to be an efficient tool for the modelling of sustainable multicomponent systems, expressing mutual interrelations/effects and factor (component) states. Fuzzy Cognitive Maps may be established by starting from time series data, or known relational matrices, in the first case the model learns the degrees and directions of interrelations, while in the second, it is possible to estimate the time dependent conditions of the components if proper initial states are provided. The original FCM definition might be challenged in several points and connections to Neural Nets and State Machines have brought important new information about FCM, however, the essential idea is rather useful in modelling many systems, especially in Management, Environment, Agriculture, Logistics and Social Structures. Papers from all aspects of the topic are welcome. Selected papers will be published in extended form in impact factor periodicals.
  3. Cognitive acasual representations, Organizers: Péter Várlaki, Péter Baranyi

To initiate a new session or track, please send an e-mail with the proposed topic to us at coginfocom2014@sztaki.mta.hu. If you have a date preference for the presentations, you may also indicate it in your e-mail and the organizers will try to consider it during the scheduling of the event.

Should you have any further queries, please contact us.